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Using Sunshine Coast Funding Finder

Funding Finder is an easy to use portal providing free access to a comprehensive database of grant and funding opportunities, including federal, state and local government grants, loans and subsidies as well as commercial funders and private philanthropic organisations.

Registering on Funding Finder gives you a quick and thorough understanding of the current funding landscape and financial opportunities available to your business and your industry sector.  It links you directly to funders and ensures you keep track of opportunities, even when staff and business priorities change.  Funding Finder can assist with your strategic planning by identifying possible income sources and resources.  This helps your business on the path to stability, growth and long term sustainability.

Sunshine Coast Regional Economic Development Strategy

The Sunshine Coast Regional Economic Development Strategy provides a 20 year vision and blueprint for sustainable economic growth to ensure the region actively participates in the global economy and delivers the lifestyle and opportunities for residents and businesses alike.

The Sunshine Coast economy is one of the largest regional economies in Australia, and there are many ways Sunshine Coast businesses can build their businesses. The Funding Finder provides a valuable and additional resource to the business community, while Council’s website can direct you to business programs, workshops and information to support your business.

Programs & Resources include:

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Economic Profile, a free tool, provided by Council, provides demographic analysis for the region, based on results from the ABS Censuses of Population and Housing. It provides economic data, profiles industry sectors and highlights trends. It can be used to prepare data and reports which can be attached to grant applications as part of a Business Case.

Sunshine Coast Events Network – SCENE provides guidance and tools about holding great events and connects local event organisers and industry suppliers.

Sunshine Coast Council’s website provides details of how Council supports business in other ways.